The Baby

The Bris of a healthy baby is done on the eight day of life (counting the day of birth). This is done even if the eighth day falls on Shabbat, Yom Kippur, or any other Jewish festival. However, in the case of a baby born by Caesarean section, the Bris is not performed on Shabbat or on a festival, but on the following day. Bris Milah may not be performed before the eighth day or at night. In the event that a baby is not in perfect health – even if not severely ill – the Bris is delayed until both the doctor and the mohel concur that the circumcision can be performed safely. A common example of this situation is newborn jaundice. However, in the case of severe illness, a delay of one week following full recovery is required.

What to prepare for the Bris:

• Small table for instruments

• Firm sleeping pillow

• Two prayer shawls (Tallis)

• Red sweet grape wine OU certified

• Kiddush cup with saucer

• 4 cloth diapers or towels

• 2 disposable diapers

• Infant’s Tylenol

• 25 – 50 3×3 gauze pads

• Bacitracin ointment – large size tube

Before the Bris:

• Do not soak baby or use ointments, creams or lotions on bris area. A sponge bath is okay.

• The last feeding should be within two hours before Bris, but not within the last half hour before the Bris.

• Dress baby in clothing that can be opened from the bottom. Wrap baby in a receiving blanket.

After the Bris:

• Apply bacitracin on a gauze pad and place on top of area at each diaper change.

• Baby may lay in any position, even on his stomach.

• If baby is uncomfortable, you may give 40 – 60 mg. of infants’ acetaminophen drops (Tylenol), every four hours as needed.

• If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call at any time!